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Lighting Blocks Distribution (LXX) AutoCAD  Lisp

Lighting Blocks Distribution (LXX) Lisp

Lighting distribution is one of the most important tasks for electrical design engineer, the following autocad lisp can easily help you distribute lighting fixtures on the plan. This auto lisp method can be used to distribute lighting for all types of building with different shapes, regular and irregular.

Free Light distribution AutoCAD Lisp:

Download the following Lighting Blocks Distribution (LXX) Lisp and load it into the AutoCAD drawing, use the command abbreviations (LXX), ust write LXX and hit space or enter and the lisp program will start working. 

👉Download: Lighting Distribution AutoCAD Lisp

After that you can distribute all types of lighting for all room shapes (rectangular, circular, arc, line, regular, semi regular, or irregular) 

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