Advantages & Disadvantages of Chain Drives

 Advantages & Disadvantages of Chain Drives

Advantages & Disadvantages of Chain Drives

Advantages of Chain Drives

·        Able to transfer torque over long distances

·        Contrary to a belt drive, a chain drive does not slip

·        A chain drive is more compact than a belt drive and can fit into relatively tight spaces

·        Multiple shafts can be powered by one chain drive

·        Versatile drive that can work at high temperatures and in all kinds of service environments (dry, wet, abrasive, corrosive, etc.)

·        It is a low-friction system that guarantees high mechanical efficiency

Disadvantages of Chain Drives

·        Cannot work with non-parallel shafts

·        Chain drives are known to be noisy and they can also cause vibrations

·        Misalignment may cause the chain to slip off

·        Some designs require constant lubrication

·        An enclosure is usually needed

·        They require chain tensioning from time to time in the form of a tightening idler sprocket

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